Eyecare Glasgow

I just wanted to let you know about Eyecare 2018 in Glasgow in January and the IP-approved CET sessions we have there. Over two days (21 and 22 January) we will be covering every GOC IP competency through various lectures and workshops. Highlights include an IP workshop with IP optom Malcolm McPherson and consultant ophthalmologist … Continue reading "Eyecare Glasgow"

Pyogenic Granuloma? Treatment? Referral to?

Evening, A friend has just sent me this pic of their son. 5 weeks onset, some discomfort and now taking some flak at school. GP was unable to help or advise. I am thinking pyogenic granuloma, and referral to paed. dermotologist. Thoughts? Would any of the guys from Kent treat or be able to recommend … Continue reading "Pyogenic Granuloma? Treatment? Referral to?"

IP/IP training optom vacancy hampshire

Hi Guys, I have a vacancy for an IP or IP wannabee for our group of 6 practices in Hampshire. We have many hospital schemes in place and I need someone to work with us. We in addition to normal optom stuff we are involved in ant seg, medical retina inc intra-vitreal injections, glaucoma etc … Continue reading "IP/IP training optom vacancy hampshire"