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Sep 292017

Not sure if this is appropriate, but I thought if anyone would know, you guys would. Does anyone have any leads on A-scan measuring devices. Happy to consider second hand. Looking at it for Axial length measurements in kids….

Sep 272017

Following discussion at the weekend (AOP Therapeutics) about 0.01% Atropine, there was some debate about off-label – use for other than the licensed indication e.g Doxy for blepharitis, and unlicensed medicines which IP optoms cannot access. The general consensus was that 0.01% Atropine would be off-label since Atropine itself is licensed, however that appears not […]

Sep 262017

So I think my first case of a fungal keratitis.# 50 year old lady, CL wearer, red painful right eye. Lots of pain. Few odd “microdendrites”  to the cornea. Not much else to see other than the eye a bit red. Pain out of all proportion to signs.Was worried so sent to local HES. Feedback […]

Sep 232017
aop conference?

Hi guys, Are any of you going to this weekends AOP therapeutic conference? I will be on Stand 4 with Pat Falvey of ARC optical, with his new meibographer. Pop by for a chinwag. It would be great to hear what you are all up to. A few of us who are staying over could […]

Sep 152017

Have a px under HES for glaucoma who has just been told by the pharmacy that there’s a supply issue with preservative-free Trusopt, and he’s about to run out. He’s currently on Saflutan and Preserve-free Trusopt as has had serious OSD issues in past with preservatives. There are no glaucoma bods in the eye clinic […]

Sep 082017

“Be aware that holding an independent or non-medical prescribing qualification alone (without a specialist qualification relevant to the case complexity of glaucoma being managed) is insufficient for managing glaucoma and related conditions. [2017]”