A happy IP story

Friday 5.02pm – whilst closing the shutters I came across a young woman who appeared to be in excruciating pain. Her partner said that she had been sent down by the GP after a lighter “blew up” in her face 4 hours ago. They had irrigated the eye for 30 minutes (partners 3/12 supply of … Continue reading "A happy IP story"

Unlicensed Vs Off-label

Following discussion at the weekend (AOP Therapeutics) about 0.01% Atropine, there was some debate about off-label – use for other than the licensed indication e.g Doxy for blepharitis, and unlicensed medicines which IP optoms cannot access. The general consensus was that 0.01% Atropine would be off-label since Atropine itself is licensed, however that appears not … Continue reading "Unlicensed Vs Off-label"

Anterior Uveitis with Hypopyon

Does the presence of hypopyon in acute anterior uveitis change your management plan at all? All the literature I can find says that although certain types of uveitis px are more at risk of hypopyon, the hypopyon itself doesn’t present any more risk of short or long term effects. Px in question is HLA B27 … Continue reading "Anterior Uveitis with Hypopyon"

recurrent chalazion & conjunctivitis

I have a 60yr old chap with learning disabilities.  He presented with a sticky, red eye and swollen upper lid which has waxed and waned for the last 6months.  He has been on chloramphenicol QDS for a week already with no improvement. There was a large chalazion in the top lid that looks like its … Continue reading "recurrent chalazion & conjunctivitis"

Trusopt Manufacturing Issue

Have a px under HES for glaucoma who has just been told by the pharmacy that there’s a supply issue with preservative-free Trusopt, and he’s about to run out. He’s currently on Saflutan and Preserve-free Trusopt as has had serious OSD issues in past with preservatives. There are no glaucoma bods in the eye clinic … Continue reading "Trusopt Manufacturing Issue"