Casualty Clinics

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Apr 182017
Dear all I am about to start a new clinic within the hospital for acute cases. I was wondering if any Optoms are involved in something like this? If so, are there any recommended reading materials? Eg are you carrying out corneal scrapes? ordering blood work? Any comments/advise would be appreciated. thanks Irfan
Dec 032016
Hi All –  Just thought I’d pick your brains on when you deem it necessary to introduce Oc.Hypotensive tx if the pressures have gone up using steroids.  e.g.. prior to tx iops 13/14 and post tx 19/20  – does this require lowering?  I’m still grey in this area, but would appreciate anyones experiences. on the whole [...]
Aug 112016
asymptomatic px 50 year old female CL wearer- good health, fluoxetine only, no FH, No OH or CL related issues in past-  CLO found this on cornea, asked me to have a look. Appears to be an intracorneal haemorrhage but also telangiectasia like- odd looking anyway! I wonder if it is localised inflammation therefore trying [...]
Dec 212015
Hi I have recently acquired a topcon nw6s fundus camera with a nikon d1x camera – (its an old camera) However I am after compatible software. Anyone have any ideas what I can use. Thanks