Angular conjunctivitis

75 year old lady presented with persistent conjunctivitis with broken odematous skin at both lateral canthi Bulbar conj & palp. conj is hyperaemic (Gd2) – no foll or pap White discharge Had for 10 weeks & won’t shift. Previously given CPL drops and even 5 day course oral amoxy Quick google indicates tetracycline ointment for … Continue reading "Angular conjunctivitis"

Unilateral conjunctival chemosis

71 yowm c/o watery RE. I was expecting to find the usual suspects – dry eye, blepharitis etc but he has unilateral conjunctival chemosis. No history of trauma or allergy, and a short course of Gtt FML made no difference so it is unlikley to be inflammatory. A brief search reveals a case report associating … Continue reading "Unilateral conjunctival chemosis"