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Dec 182017
I tend to Rx a lot of oral NISAIDS for episceltritis usually naproxen or flurbiprofen,a college has suggested celebrex as has less GI upset as an alternative any thoughts ? ,and should we be given a PPI routinely with these drugs?        

Ikervis recall

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Jun 072016
Just in case anyone has been using this, it is now the subject of a recall.   https://www.gov.uk/drug-device-alerts/ikervis-1-mg-ml-eye-drops-emulsion-ciclosporin-micro-particles-of-active-ingredient
Feb 252016
hypothetical  thinking aloud- just a bit bored lots elderly px and glaucoma follow ups in patients with poor medical control any one ever been tempted  or have used a double combo ie  DuoTrav and Simbrinza my usual criteria is 3 agents 2 bottles as max

Xailin gel

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Oct 302015
Due to supply problems with lacrilube have RXed this a couple of times this week as seems a good alternative ,  anyone else use this and do you find this as effective as Lacrilube