Trusopt Manufacturing Issue

Have a px under HES for glaucoma who has just been told by the pharmacy that there’s a supply issue with preservative-free Trusopt, and he’s about to run out. He’s currently on Saflutan and Preserve-free Trusopt as has had serious OSD issues in past with preservatives. There are no glaucoma bods in the eye clinic … Continue reading "Trusopt Manufacturing Issue"

Glaucoma & lid margin disease

I would be grateful for everyone’s opinions on this just to make sure I am not way off base.  So here is the case scenario: 93yr old lady with bilateral NTG, pseduophakic, a bit of dry AMD, moderate lid margin disease with associated ocular surface disease. VA – RE 6/15; LE 6/12+ CCT ~ 500 … Continue reading "Glaucoma & lid margin disease"

UK & Eire Glaucoma Society Conference

Hi Probably not the right forum to post this, but likely to get best coverage. Just to advise all DipGlauc holders, those working towards DipGlauc and anyone with a general interest in glaucoma, the UK & Eire Glaucoma Society Conference is being held in my home city of Leicester this year.  The current Chairperson is … Continue reading "UK & Eire Glaucoma Society Conference"

Omeprazole and Gaviscon contraindication in POAG

Got into clinic his morning to be told by reception that a lady is coming in to see me because her optometrist had told her GP that the Gaviscon and Omeprazole she is on is ‘contraindicated in glaucoma’. Have i missed something? Can’t seem to find a mechanism for why this would be the case. … Continue reading "Omeprazole and Gaviscon contraindication in POAG"

isosorbide mononitrate & glaucoma

A long standing glaucoma Px has just been started on isosorbide mononitrate by the cardiologists for angina. He has spotted a warning about their us in Px with glaucoma. I have never heard this before but a quick google search found this: Has anyone seen any significant IOP changes as a result of this medication?

Stopping OHT medication

Just wondering if any one has any stats on how many patients who currently take OHT meds that could be stopped to see if they no longer require the treatment. Our local community monitoring scheme may possibly suggest px can stop treatment as per nice but then be discharged from scheme without 1st checking that … Continue reading "Stopping OHT medication"

OHT with uveitis – primary or ADR?

Really interesting case and a good example of why a slit lamp examination is always needed. 6 weeks ago a 66 yr old chap presents with symptoms of episodes of sudden and complete loss vision.  He had recently been Dx with a leaking heart valve and was in fairly bad state, consequently he couldn’t manage … Continue reading "OHT with uveitis – primary or ADR?"

When NICE is not so nice

39 year chap presents following a sight test the day before where is left IOP was 35+ on the pulse air.  He originally attended as he had noticed a drop in vision for his left eye.  He is generally good health, no meds, no ocular history and no family history.  Yesterday was his first sight … Continue reading "When NICE is not so nice"