Glaucoma & lid margin disease

I would be grateful for everyone’s opinions on this just to make sure I am not way off base.  So here is the case scenario: 93yr old lady with bilateral NTG, pseduophakic, a bit of dry AMD, moderate lid margin disease with associated ocular surface disease. VA – RE 6/15; LE 6/12+ CCT ~ 500 … Continue reading "Glaucoma & lid margin disease"

Dry eye treatment paths

How are people managing there dry eye patients?Da lot of our U.S. colleagues seem to like . giving it a hit of loteprednol (either tapered or pulsed), as well as the lid hygiene, warm compresses and orals. Curious about general consensus within private practice for the steps taken. Currently, I will do warm compresses, lid … Continue reading "Dry eye treatment paths"