Jul 182016
Some advice please If an elderly female patient get a granulomatous uveitis which you treat successfully, and then very soon afterwards she gets a HSK (epithelial involvement only) which you treat successfully; does that imply that the first uvetitis was herpetic; or was it just bad luck? To give a slightly fuller clinical picture the [...]
May 112016
Just asking if anyone has any pearls for the following case; local GP comes to see me – acute arthropathy and glove and sock rash – assumed parvoviral arthropathy. Bilateral red ache to both eyes – moderate uveitis bilaterally – all looks anterior – no intermediate uveitis signs. No synechae – IOP OK. Popped him [...]
Nov 152015
Out of curiosity how many of you would treat AAU from start to finish? What drug(s) of choice would you use for Steroid, Cycloplegia and overnight? I have come across a article ( Review of Optometry 143:01Issue: 1/15/2006) which advises against 1% Cyclopentolate due to its poor control of posterior synechiae.  It suggests that Cycloplegia from atropine may [...]
Mar 012014
Just had a 68 year old chap in with a reoccurance of herpes simplex kerato-uveitis. His last episode was in August 2012. He has had previous bilateral LASIK. VA was 6/15 RE and 6/7.6 LE. Diffuse corneal oedema Small dendritic ulcer in lower nasal quadrant A mix of small stellite and larger KPs mainly under [...]
Nov 192012
Really interesting case and a good example of why a slit lamp examination is always needed. 6 weeks ago a 66 yr old chap presents with symptoms of episodes of sudden and complete loss vision.  He had recently been Dx with a leaking heart valve and was in fairly bad state, consequently he couldn’t manage [...]