Anterior Uveitis with Hypopyon

Does the presence of hypopyon in acute anterior uveitis change your management plan at all? All the literature I can find says that although certain types of uveitis px are more at risk of hypopyon, the hypopyon itself doesn’t present any more risk of short or long term effects. Px in question is HLA B27 … Continue reading "Anterior Uveitis with Hypopyon"

herpetic uveitis

Some advice please If an elderly female patient get a granulomatous uveitis which you treat successfully, and then very soon afterwards she gets a HSK (epithelial involvement only) which you treat successfully; does that imply that the first uvetitis was herpetic; or was it just bad luck? To give a slightly fuller clinical picture the … Continue reading "herpetic uveitis"

parvo virus arthropathy and bilateral uveitis

Just asking if anyone has any pearls for the following case; local GP comes to see me – acute arthropathy and glove and sock rash – assumed parvoviral arthropathy. Bilateral red ache to both eyes – moderate uveitis bilaterally – all looks anterior – no intermediate uveitis signs. No synechae – IOP OK. Popped him … Continue reading "parvo virus arthropathy and bilateral uveitis"

Recurrent unilateral Anterior Uveitis

I have a lady with recurrent AAU in her left eye.  She manages about a fortnight after stopping the steroid before the next attack.  I am currently tapering her steroids really slowly, at present I think she’s using one drops per day for 2 weeks and then will go to alternate days.  I think she … Continue reading "Recurrent unilateral Anterior Uveitis"

Anterior Uveitis

Out of curiosity how many of you would treat AAU from start to finish? What drug(s) of choice would you use for Steroid, Cycloplegia and overnight? I have come across a article ( Review of Optometry 143:01Issue: 1/15/2006) which advises against 1% Cyclopentolate due to its poor control of posterior synechiae.  It suggests that Cycloplegia from atropine may … Continue reading "Anterior Uveitis"

OHT with uveitis – primary or ADR?

Really interesting case and a good example of why a slit lamp examination is always needed. 6 weeks ago a 66 yr old chap presents with symptoms of episodes of sudden and complete loss vision.  He had recently been Dx with a leaking heart valve and was in fairly bad state, consequently he couldn’t manage … Continue reading "OHT with uveitis – primary or ADR?"